Inflation, Stagflation, Deflation: How to Play Them With ETFs | ETF Trends

Inflation, deflation, or stagflation. None of these scenarios sound too appealing, but there is still a way to protect one’s wealth through the markets and exchange traded funds (ETFs) in any possible outcome.

Analysts and experts are still debating whether the U.S. economy will experience inflation, deflation, or stagflation, remarks Lauren Young for Yahoo Finance.

Inflation fears stem from recent government stimulus plans that could cause prices to sky rocket. Deflation can develop as prices decline coupled with falling demand which would further fuel price cutting. Stagflation may occur as a result slow growth and increasing inflation.

Inflation. The large volumes of money smothering the banks has economists and financial advisers worried over inflation. The main sign of inflation can be seen through the Consumer Price Index (CPI).