Some Latin American countries may benefit from aid given by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and Mexico’s economy could fall ill to the new swine flu. Be it good or bad, related exchange traded funds (ETFs) could help gauge the effects.

In the past, Latin American countries like Argentina, Bolivia and Ecuador have all publicly denounced the IMF, write Juan Forero and Joshua Partlow for The Washington Post. The treasuries of Latin American countries were also full from being nations rich in resources and commodities.

After being thrashed by the financial crisis, these countries are now softening up to the IMF assistance. The IMF is the only source that is able to provide copious amounts of cash to aid seeking countries.

Economists estimate that Ecuador needs as much as $2 billion to help bridge a $3.5 billion trade deficit. More recently, Colombia, Costa Rica, El Salvador and Guatemala are queuing up for loans, and Mexico is getting $47 billion.

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