Claymore/Clear Global Timber Index (CUT): $22.7 million in assets; up 31.7% in the last month; expense ratio of 0.65%; 27 securities. The fund seeks to replicate the performance of the Clear Global Timber Index, which is designed to follow the performance of common stocks of global timber companies. The timber industry is seeing changing conditions, reports  Kathy Korengel for NR Today. While the recession hit the industry, demand is on the rise for “green” wood products and the seeds for a recovery are seen as being in place.

Sector allocations include: Materials 84.8%, Financials 10.9%, Consumer Discretionary 4.3%.

Country allocations include: U.S. 32.1%, Japan 13.3%, Canada 10.5%, Sweden 8.4%, Brazil 8.3%, Australia 5.1%, Spain 4.7%, Ireland 4.6%, Portugal 4.5%, S. Africa 4.3%.

Market Vectors Gaming ETF (BJK): $18.5 million in assets; up 29.5% in the last month; expense ratio of 0.7%; 47 holdings. This ETF tries to mirror the S-Network Global Gaming Index, which provides access to worldwide publicly-traded companies that produce greater than 50% of revenues through the gaming industry. Cara McCoy for Forbes reports that Las Vegas is poised for a rebound. The local economy had been hurt by the housing crisis and the global economic crisis, which kept people at home instead of out gambling money. Gaming revenue is still down, but there are encouraging signs out there right now, such as new convention bookings.

Sector allocations include: Casinos & Resorts 37.0%, Tech 33.0%, Sprots & Race Books 19.8%, Horse Racing 4.5%, Online Gaming 4.1%, Internet Gambling 1.6%.

Country allocations include: U.S. 23.7%, Australia 18.1%, Greece 13.4%, U.K. 12.1%, Malaysia 11.7%, Japan 6.6%, Hong Kong 2.3%, S. Korea 2.1%, Italy 2.0%, Sweden 1.9%, Austria 1.6%, New Zealand 1.6%, S. Africa 1.4%, Ireland 1.4%.

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Max Chen contributed to this article.