The Commodity ETF Rally: Will It Stick? | ETF Trends

Commodities were the bubble of 2008, and now investors are hoping to re-inflate the bubble and send markets and exchange traded funds (ETFs) on another upswing.

Commodities have been seeing a bit of a rally in recent weeks, but seeing how swiftly and hugely this summer’s bubble popped, could we be getting too optimistic? Can this really sustain?

One sign that it can’t: Alcoa (AA) reported their profit reports during the start of the trading session, leaving many hopeful investors disappointed and laying the groundwork for the sentiment of things to come.

Bob Moon reports on Marketplace with analyst Ryan Detrick, who feels this rally isn’t going to stick. He cites the fact that there’s too much optimism after such a drastic selloff in recent months.

Fertilizer company Mosaic warned that sales activity dropped sharply at the end of last year.