Infrastructure exchange traded funds (ETFs) may gain some momentum as America prepares to create more jobs in infrastructure projects in an attempt to mitigate the economic recession and rising unemployment. But are the priorities in the right place?

America’s mayors and state governors are preparing their respective yuletide wish lists of up to $73 billion and $136 billion in public projects, according to Economist.

Some see that through diversity the approach to public works has taken shape slowly and prudently. Hopefully, the money allotted for infrastructure in the potential stimulus package will be used wisely to the benefit of the citizenry. Right now, there’s no real strategy. No federal office oversees infrastructure spending. Many projects funded through localities and states have been watched closely be taxpayers, but who’s minding the store with federally funded projects?

No one’s arguing that infrastructure improvements aren’t needed. Most recent infrastructure assessments by the American Society of Civil Engineers contains nothing but C and D report ratings.

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