3 Problems for Thailand's ETF, One Solution? | ETF Trends

Thailand’s economy and exchange traded fund (ETF) have been wrought with internal strife but the appointment of a new prime minister may break the trend.

In the great span of four months’ time, three prime ministers have been hired and two abruptly axed, reports Carl Delfeld for ETF Xray. Vejjajiva became the third prime minister on Dec. 17th.

The global slowdownaffecting tourism, foreign direct investment, and exports have all contributed to the crippled Thailand’s domestic economy. The new U.K.-born economist leader, Vejjajiva will have to come up with some kind rescue package on top of his promised rapid disbursement of government funds to assuage Thailand’s economy.

  • iShares MSCI Thailand Invest Mkt Index (THD) is down 49.9% since its April 1 inception.

ETF THD performance

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