Protesters Disrupt Thai Trade and Its ETF | ETF Trends

Thailand, a country fraught with internal strife and tourism being a key component of the economy, may not be the most stable country for exchange traded fund (ETF) investors who are risk-averse.

The Thailand baht has erased all gains against the dollar over the past two years and the SET index of Bangkok’s 50 largest stocks is finishing its worst year since 1997, according to Carl Delfeld for ETF Xray.

Thailand has suffered one coup every four years or so since the country’s first constitution in 1932. Today, an interim government is working out of a temporary office in an old airport.

The country’s export-based economy has grown 4% in the third quarter after a 5.3% gain in the second.

The banks are no longer debt-funded but mostly equity and have minimal overseas exposures. The central bank has $103 billion in reserves.