All over the world, exchange traded funds (ETFs) are enjoying investor interest.

Canadian ETFs are seeing record inflows of cash while their mutual funds are experiencing record sell offs, according to Investment Executive. It’s a situation not unlike our own in the United States.

ETF guru Deborah Fuhr expects assets in ETFs to hit $1 trillion by 2009, and double that by 2011, reports Matt Turner for Wealth Bulletin.

In light of a tumultuous global economy, people are also exploring Singapore’s ETFs, which provide a very diversified portfolio, reports Desmond Wong of Channel NewsAsia. Exchange traded funds in emerging markets are becoming ever more popular as a haven for those seeking diversity and potential for growth. Traditionally, they’ve been more popular in developed markets.

ETFs hold assets such as stocks or bonds which allow investors to spread levels of risk and exposure to any one particular holding. This proves to be an enticing incentive to attract more investors in a time of economic volatility.

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