Creaky Power Grid Could Black Out Solar, Wind ETFs | ETF Trends

A new industry report claims sun and wind energy may interrupt the power grid, creating a new set of obstacles for inventors, investors and exchange traded funds (ETFs) within the industry.

By adding electricity generated by the sun and the wind to the nation’s power grid, the reliability of the current system and the frequency of blackouts are at stake.

The North American Electric Reliability Corporation says in a report scheduled for release today that unless appropriate measures are taken to improve transmission of electricity, rules reducing carbon dioxide emissions by utilities could impair the reliability of the power grid, reports Matthew L. Wald for The New York Times.

Basically, the actions of implementing wind and solar energy would place stress on a transmission system not designed for large power transfers over long distances. Imposed carbon emission rules are going to increase demand on natural gas and make power generation susceptible to interruptions.

Greenhouse gas issues and electric utility reliability are battling and so far there has been no resolution.