With all the bad news floating around about the airline industry, it’s nice to be able to share a positive story.

You’ve probably had a negative airline travel experience recently. It might have been the sticker shock when trying to book a flight. It might have been battling long lines at the airport, putting up with delayed flights or paying extra for baggage. Or maybe just being made to feel lucky to sit on a chock-full flight and actually receive a free bag of peanuts or use a restroom that works.

I got a message from British Airlines this week informing me that our family flight plans to Europe have been changed. (I know what you’re thinking…"Lydon, why are you going to Europe now?") Now we have one day of our vacation completely messed up because British Airways had a change. We’re having to catch an early morning flight three hours away from where were staying just to fly to London so we can wait five and a half hours to get the next connection.

What do we do with three kids in Heathrow for five and a half hours? Didn’t they make a movie about that? Yuck!

The Good Story – I was on a return flight from New York to Long Beach on jetBlue this week. jetBlue has the easiest, most comfortable direct flight for me to get to New York. Long Beach Airport is close and small so I don’t have to battle the crowds. jetBlue has an upgrade option; I’m able to get an exit row for another $39. And, since I’m a TV junkie, I can click to my hearts content with their thirty-plus TV networks.

So having an easy, on-time flight home Thursday was a breath of fresh air while the airline industry is smoldering.

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