While the NBA playoffs could be helping some exchange traded funds (ETFs), they sure aren’t helping me any.

I grew up in Boston, and if you hadn’t noticed, we’re nutty about our sports teams. You’d have to be to love a team that has broken our hearts as many times as the Red Sox have. Naturally, we’re a little excited that the Celtics are facing off with the Lakers for the championship.

I don’t want to name names, but one of my best friends from first grade has Lakers floor season tickets. Who better to take than his old pal, the die-hard, lifelong Celtics fan, right?

Well, he won’t take me. He says taking a Celtics fan is bad luck. One of my employees tells me it’s time to get new friends.

Jack Nicholson, old buddy, have I told you how handsome you’ve been looking lately? Really, you’re just aging so gracefully…

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