ETF Trends
ETF Trends

A recent study released by Barclay’s Global Investors tells that baby boomers set to retire may not be as well-prepared as they think, possibly causing some to reconsider how they use their exchange traded funds (ETFs) and stocks as they plan for their golden years.

Financial Advisor Magazine reports that some bright and sunny outlooks for those heading into retirement are based on erroneous assumptions. The studies often fail to take into account that the current benefit levels for Social Security and Medicare are unsustainable. The studies also tend to assume that current costs will remain stable over time.

Under current conditions, only the top half of pre-retirees look reasonably well-prepared but remain vulnerable to future changes. Perhaps ETFs within your retirement or 401(k) plan could help and set you up for future security. First, the retirement system, and ETF industry, must break ground to incorporate the funds into these plans.

Add your voice to the growing chorus of people who are asking why ETFs aren’t more readily available in 401(k) plans. With Social Security no longer a certainty, the situation has become more urgent than ever.

To see if you’re properly on track for a comfortable retirement, plug the numbers into Yahoo’s retirement calculator.

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