Individual Investors Seem to Gravitate to ETFs | ETF Trends

The stock rating system on the Motley Fool is slowly seeing exchange traded funds (ETFs) making up the top ten. And now, six of the top ten stocks are actually ETFs.

Before we proceed, CAPS is the Motley Fool’s rating system where investors work together and pool all their information to help you identify which stocks are the best to buy and when, along with which stocks to avoid.

Players rate stocks and predict which will under perform or outperform all the while The Fool keeps score and rates them. In turn, players receive ratings and based on the performance of their picks. The system is updated every five minutes, so the news is all current.

Todd Wenning for The Motley Fool gives us the top six ETFs as of May 13th, and reminds us that these are not formal recommendations, just start-ups to further your own research. In respective order: