Sugar Might Sweeten Agriculture ETF Performance | ETF Trends

Sugar is one commodity whose price remains relatively low when compared with historic highs, but it may not remain that way for long, leaving room to grow for exchange traded funds (ETFs).

Take Baltimore’s famous Berger cookies, the price of which one woman recently balked at: $4.59. We can personally attest to the worth-it-ness of that price. The cookies are simple: eggs, milk, sugar, flour and cocoa for that delicious mound of chocolate frosting on the top. Really, you should try them.

The price of all those ingredients has soared in recent months – except for sugar. In "real" terms, the price of sugar has been dirt cheap since the late 1980s, reports Graham Summers for Seeking Alpha.

Blame much of it on a bad reputation: sugar rots your teeth, makes you fat and makes your kids swing from the chandeliers.

But the populations of other countries are beginning to get a sweet tooth as they start eating more like we do (heaven help them), contributing to a demand for sugar that has increased 15% since 2002. Demand is beginning to outpace production: consumption has risen 4%, production has risen 1%.