Your Rebate Check Could Stimulate ETFs | ETF Trends

Will exchange traded funds (ETFs) find the stimulus package stimulating?

Tax rebates will start going out today, even earlier than reported, in the hopes that they will inject a shot in the arm into our stumbling economy. Since consumer spending is 70% of the economy, the hope had been that we’ll spend, spend, spend.

But President Bush says the checks will help offset the high gas and food prices that have been weighing down our wallets this year, reports Tom Raum for the Associated Press. It’s a change from previous statements that the package is intended to ignite consumer spending.

In total, the Treasury will distribute more than $110 billion to 130 million taxpayers, says Catherine Clifford for CNN Money.

Depending on how you decide to use that extra cash, some ETFs could benefit.

If you use it at the grocery store, maybe an agriculture ETF such as the PowerShares DB Agriculture (DBA) or the ELEMENTS MLCX Grains Index (GRU) could reap the rewards.