The European exchange traded fund (ETF) market is just as hot as its U.S. counterpart. The European market is capitalizing on the rapid growth of the industry, as major providers have adopted some very different strategies in their efforts. Paul Amery for Index Universe gives a rundown of the top ten European providers.

BGI/iShares: 137 ETFs, $57.65 billion assets under management, 43.3 of the market share; the major area iShares is missing is in the leveraged/inverse ETF arena.

Lyxor: 87 ETFs, $31.48bn AUM, 23.6% market share; Possibly too equity dependent.

db xtrackers: 49 ETFs, $10.66bn AUM, 8% market share.

AXA/BNP: 30 ETFs, $6.69bn AUM, 5% market share.

Credit Suisse:
8 ETFs, $4.97 bn AUM, 3.7% market share.

Credit Agricole: 3 ETFs, $3.02bn AUM, 2.3% market share.

XACT Fonder:
9 ETFs, $2.51bn AUM, 1.9% market share.