Just when you think gold exchange traded funds (ETFs) have hit their peak, the upward momentum continues. Yesterday, gold finished at $946.30.

And let’s just say, if you’re an actor who has been appearing in a lot of money-losing duds since winning that Oscar (we won’t name names, Cuba Gooding Jr. Oops!), now might be the perfect time to hock that little gold man for some extra cash.

Not only is he plated in 24-karat gold, but he’s diversified in other metals, too. Under the shiny gold exterior, there’s some copper and silver, too. As precious metals are soaring to new heights amidst growing demand, he’s more valuable than ever.

For exposure to both silver and gold, there’s the PowerShares DB Precious Metals (DBP), which is up 13.2% year-to-date. If you’d rather just stick to gold or silver specifically, have a look at some focused ETFs such as streetTRACKS Gold Shares (GLD), up 13.1% year-to-date, or iShares Silver Trust (SLV), up 20.4% year-to-date.

Right now, there’s no copper-focused ETF. But you can get a little exposure through the PowerShares DB Base Metals (DBB), which holds one-third of copper, aluminum and zinc. Year-to-date, it’s up 18.7%. Chile is a major exporter of the material, and the iShares MSCI Chile Index (ECH), is up 1.1% year-to-date.

When the winners exclaim "This thing is heavier than I thought!" tonight, now we’ll know why.

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