As the number of exchange traded funds (ETFs) grow, so to is the world’s wealth. What are people buying? Shiny new cars? Louis Vuitton bags? Diamond shoes? Nope — they’re buying food, and now is the time to capitalize on that with exchange ETFs because food demand is only going to rise even further.

By 2030, Earth is going to be home to 8.2 billion people, reports Andrew Mickey at Commodity Online. And not just any people: people with big, big appetites. The average caloric intake per person worldwide now is 2,600 calories per day. In the developed world, it’s 3,200 per day. The average intake worldwide will fatten up to 3,000 per day by 2030.

All of this demand for more and more food could translate into good numbers for agriculture and food-related ETFs (and bad numbers on your scales at home, but we digress). They include:

  • PowerShares DB Agriculture (DBA)
  • Market Vectors Global Agribusiness (MOO)
  • PowerShares Dynamic Food and Beverage (PBJ)


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