Regional exchange traded funds (ETFs) are a lucrative tool for many investors, however, before jumping onto the overseas bandwagon, Mark Fightmaster for Schaffers Research has three points to give you more knowledge:

  • What is an ETF? First off, an ETF is a basket of securities that represents a specific sector, region or specific index. ETFs are like a mutual fund, yet trade throughout the day like a stock. They are priced and traded continually throughout the day, and provide transparency, liquidity, and cost efficiency.
  • What international markets can you invest in? There are a variety of options here, one being single-country specific funds. Through the iShares line you can gain access to Austria, Spain, Germany, Singapore even Australia. Or if you don’t want to be country-specific there are foreign telecommunications, technology, financials, or healthcare. Then there is the regional focus. Pacific markets, Asia, emerging markets, and developed markets. The options are wide open.
  • Why invest in international markets? 70% of global output and over half of the world’s equity markets capitalization come from places outside the U.S. Diversification is a good way to reduce risk and increase bottom-line profits. An international ETF is a good way to diversify; they offer a low correlation to domestic markets. Make sure you take a look at the holdings and know what you are investing in.

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