Trade Global ETFs From Home | ETF Trends

Exchange traded fund (ETF) shareholders are riding global investment waves as the world climate for trading is becoming much more comfortable. Consider Jim Hasak, he trades for a living, and trades about 300 times a month. At the moment he is focused on companies mining for uranium, silver and gold.  This Californian is interested in Canada, reports Paul Katzeff for Investor’s Business Daily, and he believes spreads and liquidity are better on the Toronto exchange.  But how can he bypass customer service and high commissions?

E-Trade’s online Global Trading Platform allows him to trade from home, in Canadian loonies on the Toronto Stock Exchange. This platform is a pipeline for trading online in 6 different nations, and customers can trade by phone in 36 more. This illuminates a key trend, where the latest in the software and service for traders can be found when you follow the money.

The global trading site gives access to technical and basic data about individual securities. It also gives market data, bid-ask prices and trades cost around $20 in the local country’s currency. Now this is really an example of global markets opening up.

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