Foreign stock markets have experienced lavish returns and with the sinking U.S. dollar, global exchange traded funds (ETFs) are gaining American investment capital. Performance is what investors want, and global ETFs show an impressive 17% annual return, more than double the 8.2% that American ETFs are exhibiting, reports Dan Dorfman for the New York Sun. One expert believes that Asian markets are growing while European markets are cooling. So which country should you choose?

One option is Singapore, "the Switzerland and financial capital of Asia." The economy is on a growth spurt with a gross domestic product growth of 7.9%. Its inflation is low at 0.7% and the unemployment rate is at 2.8% for the 4.6 million population. Singapore has a high standard of living, and the literacy rate is at 95%. iShares MSCI Singapore Index (EWS) can help you harness this growth. Currently, it’s up 39.5% year-to-date. The ETF basket has some of Singapore’s largest blue-chip companies. Seventy percent is weighted within the 10 largest holdings, which are banking and financial. But don’t forget about the "Chinese bubble." If it should burst, Singapore could go down with it.


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