ETFs Rebound in First Quarter | ETF Trends

When you think of spring, one may conjure images of flowers growing, but what about the growth of your exchange traded funds (ETFs)?  As companies are reporting first quarter earnings, Rudy Martin of reviews ETFs for the first quarter. 

Although there was a bit of a scare coming from China mid-quarter, Asian markets rebounded nicely. iShares MSCI Singapore (EWS) was up 10.5% for the quarter, with a healthy economy.  iShares MSCI Malaysia (EWM) returned 19% for the first three months of 2007, as the country works toward becoming an economic hub.  iShares MSCI Australia (EWA) saw 10.4% growth with banking, real estate, metals and mining boosting the economy.

In Europe, iShares MSCI Austria (EWO) grew 5.3% as it continues to be a hub for Eastern European commerce.  iShares MSCI Spain (EWP) rose 5% on its drive for growth, with the housing/building industry booming and Spaniards forgoing siesta to work harder and longer.

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