Your Guide to Becoming a Cyborg Advisor

By Terry Mullin via

The role of the investment advisor is evolving quickly. Automated applications have become the go-to tool for many investors. These apps can help with rebalancing a portfolio, determining asset allocation, and recommending tax-loss harvesting. Ironically, the advanced algorithms and efficiency of these tools have not threatened the role of the advisor; they have strengthened it.

The reason: while hard numbers can certainly facilitate investment decisions, they can’t address behaviors like panic selling, buying based on greed, early profit-taking based on fear, and stubbornness that causes refusal to buy a stock that drops in price, even though it is a value play.

The human factor is more important than ever in investment advising. This is where the new breed comes in. The Cyborg Advisor.

What is a Cyborg Advisor?

A Cyborg Advisor is a technology-aided financial professional. This advisor will use robo-advice (recommendations from apps), and offer added value by counseling a client in-person or over the phone.

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