You Just Won Powerball! Now What?

By Grayson Blazek via

‘Massachusetts woman wins 3 quarters of a billion dollars in recent Powerball drawing’.

Talk about a headline! The hype and hysteria that surrounds lottery drawings often garners loads of attention as winning such a large sum of money would clearly be life-altering. It’s exciting to think about ‘what would I do if I were to win?’

Now, the odds of actually hitting the Powerball jackpot are impossibly low – 1 in 292,201,338 to be exact. While selecting the correct 6-digit combination will likely never occur for much of the population, many of us may one day receive a windfall of another sort.

Windfalls can vary in source and amount, but examples are receiving an inheritance or gift from a loved one, life insurance proceeds, a legal settlement, a large increase in salary via new job or raise/bonus, newfound success in a business venture or the subsequent sale of said business.

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