You’re (Possibly) Richer Than You Think

By Al Emid via

Clearly defining your financial situation might help you face market volatility which can be expected to continue in 2019.

Tag-lines sometimes leap from advertising campaigns to everyday life and turn up in casual conversation. This happens because they have become instantly recognizable, need little or no amplification and telegraph a clear message.

Slogans like ‘Because I’m worth it …” and “Just do it …” turn up in personal contexts that have little to do with their original product campaigns because they are instantly recognizable, applicable to casual interactions and need little explanation

“You’re richer than you think …” is another prime example. This catchy phrase was launched in 2006 by a well-known bank. It weathered the recession and protests, and was modified in 2017 to reflect issues such as student debt. The bank, however, decided that the original slogan still applied to individuals in their mid-forties and upwards.

Discovering that you might be richer than you think brings re-assurance during volatile stock markets – a condition that, unfortunately, appears set to continue into 2019 since most or all of the causes of this year’s volatility can be expected to affect the markets next year. Combined with the volatility, rising interest rates and therefore the resulting greater cost of debt, adds to the urgency of defining your financial position as clearly as possible.

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