ETF Trends
ETF Trends

By G. Benjamin Bingham via

If the invention of the Gutenberg press, in the Renaissance, suddenly enabled the spread of knowledge to the elite that the world was round, the internet, in the last twenty years, has made the world “flat” for the masses.

In terms of opportunity, if knowledge is power, the availability of information through the internet gives every remote individual access to power. Is this area of innovation going to improve worldwide gender-blind education, and lead to increasing jobs and ultimately to the end of poverty as we know it? Or the opposite? Investors may decide.

In diversifying an investment portfolio to include Technology and Communications, the social/environmental investor might first be interested, on the physical level, in whether the company is doing its best to reduce its environmental “footprint.”

This can be measured, for example, in terms of the energy required to maintain its servers, or in terms of its reduction of silicic or other waste.  The second prerequisite might be that the company is sufficiently providing security on its site and not abusing users by inappropriately “mining” personal information from them or allowing hackers easy access for identity theft.

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