Why You Need to Carefully Consider Your Retirement Plan Investments Now

By The Sense via Iris.xyz

If you’re like most Americans, the bulk of your retirement savings is nestled in a company retirement plan like a 401(k), 403(b) or 457. Now, over eight years into a bull stock market, chances are that your account balance has increased quite nicely over recent years (even apart from your contributions).

Since we tend to ignore obstacles that may lay ahead when things are going well, we want to provide a timely reminder to carefully consider your retirement plan investments.

Choosing investments in your 401(k) or other company plan is a lot like online dating. You are provided with a list of names to choose from, a bit about their heritage (stocks or bonds, domestic or international) and some information about their past (performance). Just like with dating, you don’t want to rely on an online profile to make this important decision. Ask these “get to know you” questions about your investment options before making your selections:

Will I Feel Safe? A risky lifestyle may be a relationship deal breaker. Risk should also be considered when selecting investments.

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