Why Traditional Financial Advice Isn’t Working | ETF Trends

By James E. Wilson via Iris.xyz

Have you ever wondered why so many investors are glued to the financial news channels and websites in a desperate search for information that might help them put their financial house in order? In my opinion, it’s primarily because traditional financial advice has failed them …it simply isn’t working.

Chasing the hot stocks and investment products of the moment has enriched brokers, bankers, insurance salespeople, and, yes, the financial media- at the direct expense of those they pretend to serve.

There has to be a better way.

Shiny Objects

Investments and all the stuff that surround them appeal to our emotional senses. We want to make more money, beat the market, and spend some of the gains on a sexy new red sports car. Right? Oh, so wrong!

The lure of the “shiny objects” of investing can easily push even the most well-intentioned investor far off course. But, it’s just these “shiny objects” that big brokerage firm financial advisors peddle as they drone on endlessly about all the stock analysts and experts they employ.

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