Why Technology Has to Be a Big Piece of Your Pitch to Future Generations

By Brent Carnduff via Iris.xyz

Financial advisors looking to reach out to the untapped market of millennials need to start understanding where they are. There is currently a huge disconnect between financial advisors and young investors. It’s about time that financial advisors leave the traditional office setting meeting and resort to new practices of online engagement through the web using platforms such as Skype, Google Hangouts or even FaceTime. To stay relevant, financial advisors are recognizing that technology has to be a big piece of their pitch to future generations.

Did you know that the first website was only published just 25 years ago? Many businesses still have not taken the necessary steps to establish themselves and grow an online presence in this day and digital age.


One of the issues that the wealth management industry faces is grappling with the challenge of attracting Generation Y clients. Those in the industry who aren’t receptive to adopting these new technological changes to engage with this target audience will struggle.

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