Why It Is so Hard to Talk About Money

By Rick Kahler via Iris.xyz

Do you have difficulty talking to people about money? Specifically, about their money or yours?

Here’s a quick test that will give you an amazingly accurate answer to that question: Ask the next five people you see how much they make and what they are worth, then share with them the same information about yourself. If you can do that with ease, you probably don’t have difficulty talking to people about money.

Of all those to whom I have suggested this test, hardly anyone has reported back that it was easy. Actually, most people encounter intense emotions just imagining doing the test. Very few complete or even attempt it.

That includes financial professionals. Many people will admit they find it difficult to talk about money, but few financial professionals will. After all, their profession is all about money, so how could they have trouble talking about it? Yet they do, when the money is theirs.

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