By Teresea Leno via

If you’ve been an advisor or worked in financial services you know how hard it is for our industry to change; there is a bit of ‘control’ involved.

When it comes to FinTech, startups are changing who is ‘in control’ and developing technologies that give the consumer back control.  The public has been vulnerable to the Big Banks and Wall Street, and startups are targeting financial services ‘problems’ by providing solutions to level the playing field and fixing an industry the public views as broken.

There’s big money at play (an estimated 17.4 Billion invested in FinTech in 2016), and opportunity for big payouts as startups create technology that appeals to financial services companies, and their advisors. By embracing (and implementing) the latest technology, forward-thinking financial services companies and their advisors have a higher chance of acquiring and retaining clients.

The good news is that while private FinTech startups target the financial services industry as a whole, they are partnering with financial companies that are eager to bring solutions in-house that benefit the investing public.

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