Why Advisors Should Focus Their Business Development on THIS Generation

By Bill Bachrach via Iris.xyz

October 14, 1985 was a pivotal day. Had I made a different choice that day you would have never given a crap about anything I would ever say about helping FAs be successful, both in terms of client experience and your own goal achievement.

There would not have been a speaking career, industry best-selling books, no articles written or read, and no workshops or training and coaching programs. I might have washed out like so many others who enter our business. That was an important day. As a person with no background or formal education in finance and no contacts in the community it was not easy to get hired at a major firm in a wealthy area like La Jolla, California. But now the 3-month training program was behind me, the Series 7 test had been passed, and it was my first day in the real world of being a “broker.” It was time to go get clients. My sales manager, Steve, and I had the following conversation:

Bill: So, Steve, what’s the process for me to connect with rich people in La Jolla and get them to change advisors and become my clients?