Put the Power of the Night into Your Portfolio

Insightful investors look to understand markets and find new ways to benefit from understanding risk/return differences across exposures and timeframes. One compelling insight for many is that the returns coming from the overnight and daytime sessions in the U.S. equity markets are very different. In this upcoming webinar, NightShares and VettaFi will explain the Night Effect and discuss the benefits of tilting a portfolio to the Night.

June 12, 2023
11am PT | 2pm ET
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Topics will include:

  • An overview of the Night Effect and how it has performed historically.
  • An exploration of the impact of being tilted to the Night during market shocks.
  • A discussion with a CIO around incorporating the Night Effect into a diversified investment portfolio.


Ken Nuttall, CFP

Chief Investment Officer
BlackDiamond Wealth Management

Bruce Lavine


Lara Crigger


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