Back to School on Bonds

Now that bonds are back to generating healthy yields, fixed income is in better shape than it’s been in years. Still, many investors remain on the sidelines, rattled by losses in 2022, the worst year for bonds in over a century. Some investors fled to cash for security. But with the bulk of rate hikes likely behind us, it’s time to consider locking in current yields and giving portfolios a better cushion against potential equity volatility.

Join the experts at Voya Investment Management and VettaFi for a webcast digging into the opportunities in today’s bond market.

September 20, 2023
10am PT | 1pm ET
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Topics will include:

  • How bonds have changed over the past 15 years
  • Extending duration to defend against a downturn
  • Why bonds are well positioned for whatever the Fed does next


Brett Cornwell, CFA

Client Portfolio Manager, Fixed Income
Voya Investment Management

Hans W. Sapra

Client Portfolio Manager, Fixed Income
Voya Investment Management

Lara Crigger


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Important Disclosures

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