Want to Attract HNW Millennials? An ESG Strategy May Be the Answer

By OppenheimerFunds via Iris.xyz

There is an immense opportunity facing advisors today. Millennials are finally coming of age, and they are slowly but surely inheriting significant wealth from their baby boomer parents. Money is in motion.

The greatest wealth transfer in history is underway, with $59 Trillion expected to be passed down to baby boomers’ heirs, charities, and taxes, and more than $30 Trillion in wealth set to be transferred from this aging generation to their millennial children. For advisors, capturing this wealth requires finding ways to work with high net worth (HNW) Millennials in a way that is aligned with their wants and needs—which, in many cases, are far different than their parents.

What’s fascinating about Millennials is how differently they think and act than prior generations.

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