Waiting For The Stock Market Bubble To Burst?

By Michael Kay via Iris.xyz

Wall Street is doing backflips—overjoyed—as the markets surge. Stories and reports flood the landscape with projections of sustained growth in the markets.

In other words, the stories produce unfettered exuberance, spurred on by higher prices and optimism born more from wishful thinking than reality. The fact is, as you watch your account balances grow, you will use each high as your new bar for success.

There are several key issues to consider during this time of a raging bull market.

Well, it’s time for a reality check: History has shown us time and time again that this will end, markets will correct to fair value, and speculators will get crushed.

The discussion is not about market timing! Beware that the “pundits,” “experts,” and newsletter writers who have sold their clients on their “ability” to know when to pull out are playing a game of Russian Roulette with five chambers filled with bullets. You might get lucky and pull the trigger on the empty chamber, but the odds are not in your favor that your luck will hold out very long.

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