Trading Places: Eurozone Moves Towards Political Unity While US/UK Wallow

By Court Hoover, JAForlines Global

As if last year’s Brexit vote wasn’t enough to demonstrate the UK’s political unpredictability, Theresa May’s recent gambit to increase her parliamentary majority backfired in spectacular fashion. Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour party nearly overcame a lead measured at 25% less than two months before the election to spoil May’s victory.

She was forced to form a parliamentary coalition with the Northern Irish Democratic Unionist Party in order to form a majority and avoid a hung parliament. This weakens her hand in Brexit negotiations and will force her to steer the UK more towards a “soft Brexit” than a “hard Brexit.”

The hardline conservatives which make up much of her party will refuse to support such a shift, and she risks losing a vote of no confidence which would remove her from power. What a mess.