Global X Expands Lineup with 3 Innovative Funds, BKCH, KROP & HYDR

On Wednesday, Global X ETFs, the New York-based provider of exchange-traded funds (ETFs), announced the launches of three ETFs on Nasdaq: the Global X Blockchain ETF (BKCH), the Global X AgTech & Food Innovation ETF (KROP), and the Global X Hydrogen ETF (HYDR). These three ETFs represent Global X’s latest additions to its expanding Thematic Growth family, which offers investors targeted exposure to companies worldwide, driving long-term, paradigm-shifting themes.

These launches bring the firm’s total number of Thematic Growth funds to 30 ETFs, representing more than $18 billion in assets under management. The new funds harness Global X’s more than a decade of experience researching, designing, and operating ETFs poised to benefit from structural shifts occurring around the globe.

“The thematic landscape is constantly evolving, as technological innovation proceeds at a torrid pace, consumer and demographic trends continue to morph in the wake of the pandemic, and a changing relationship with the planet places a greater emphasis on sustainability.” said Jay Jacobs, Head of Research & Strategy at Global X. “With these latest launches, we’re continuing to expand our industry-leading thematic offerings to include three additional emerging and powerful themes: the accelerating adoption of blockchain technology and digital assets, advancements in agriculture to meet rising food demand sustainably, and the emergence of hydrogen as a clean fuel.”

Global X Blockchain ETF (BKCH)

Blockchain technology is a distributed approach to collecting and maintaining records, allowing for higher degrees of accuracy, transparency, security, and immutability than centralized approaches. What began with bitcoin as the first major application of blockchain technology is now evolving to include potential applications ranging across several economy segments, including smart legal contracts, tracking and monitoring supply chains, and accessing and sharing health care records. The Global X Blockchain ETF seeks to invest in companies positioned to benefit from the increased adoption of blockchain technology, including companies in Digital Asset Mining, Blockchain & Digital Asset Transactions, Blockchain Applications, Blockchain & Digital Asset Hardware, and Blockchain & Digital Asset Integration. The fund will track the Solactive Blockchain Index.

Global X AgTech & Food Innovation ETF (KROP)

The combination of population growth, a rising middle class in emerging markets, and more frequent extreme climate events underscore the need for technologies that increase agricultural productivity as well as mitigate food insecurity. Tracking the Solactive AgTech & Food Innovation Index, KROP seeks to provide investors with efficient and targeted exposure to various AgTech & Food Innovation sub-themes that we expect to shape the future of agriculture and food systems as the world shifts to more sustainable consumption and production patterns, including precision agriculture, agricultural robotics/automation, agricultural biotechnology, and protein & dairy alternatives – among others.

Global X Hydrogen ETF (HYDR)

Hydrogen has immense potential to transform the way we source and consume energy, and therefore should play a powerful role in the shift to a carbon-neutral economy. Hydrogen can be isolated using electricity from renewable energy sources like wind and solar. When recombined with oxygen, it releases water and energy that can power a motor.  While still early in its adoption, we expect hydrogen to play an important role in storing and transporting electricity produced from renewable sources and electrifying heavy transport like shipping, trains, and trucking. Tracking the Solactive Global Hydrogen Index, the Global X Hydrogen ETF seeks to invest in companies that are positioned to benefit from further advances in the field of hydrogen technology.

KROP, HYDR, and BKCH each have a total expense ratio of 0.50%.

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