The Worst Thing That Ever Happened To Your Portfolio

By Andrew Rosen

For years, there’s been a horrible trend which has prevented more people from achieving their financial goals than any other factor. It’s something so catastrophic I feel forced to write about it to bring attention to the masses. What is it, you ask?

That’s right, the media and the 24/7 constant news cycle. I have single handedly seen the media ruin more portfolios than everything else combined.

The irony here is we assume the media is helpful to us as investors; it informs us on (local or worldwide) daily activity.  Unfortunately, it is having a completely opposite effect. As the saying goes: “A little bit of information is dangerous.”  The whole matter concerns me greatly.

The other day my mother forwarded me a message from my uncle (who got it sent from someone else). It was a news article stating a “40% drop in the market was imminent.”  This “news” elicits panic; I see it almost every day!  Clients, relatives, or friends call me frequently to say, “Andrew, I was watching the news and….”

The second part of that sentence is usually the death knell.

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