The Real Risk You Face for Each and Every One of Your Clients

By Grant Hicks via

The real risk is not reaching your goals, especially if there is no clear plan to get there. 

Performance won’t matter, asset allocation won’t matter, and the best products won’t matter if clients don’t reach their goals. Do you do goals-based planning with your ideal clients? A big challenge for people is to clearly define their future on paper.

A crucial role of a financial advisor is to help their ideal clients get a deeper sense of clarity around their future. So how do you do that? In my workshops with financial advisors, I ask two questions in relation to their own personal goals. First look at the list below and tell me how many goals you personally have? The answer is usually 5 or more, and about a third of the financial advisors have 8 or more.

The next question is a little more obvious. How many goals clearly written out, are you getting now from your ideal clients? The answer is typically 1-3 goals. There is the opportunity with ideal clients and prospects! Get more goals on paper with your ideal clients. Share your personal goals and dreams and help others get a deeper sense of clarity around their goals for their future.

Start with goals

How many goals do you get from your clients? Besides the major retirement goal, do you get other clients goals such as family or parents healthcare, home renovations or changes, education, estate planning, gifts donations or charities?

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