By James E. Wilson via

Wall Street is a several block long span located between Broadway and FDR Drive in lower Manhattan. It’s synonymous with investing and corporate finance.

Wall Street also represents a particular investing approach that just happens to be false. To be sure, the basic premise of Wall Street as a place for publicly traded companies to raise money is laudatory. Beyond that, Wall Street goes mostly off the rails.

The Wall Street Marketing Machine

The physical presence of Wall Street pales against the backdrop of what Wall Street has become…a massive marketing machine. The Wall Street marketing message is themed around the brokers, analysts and others having “special knowledge.” Again, untrue.

This premise has been hugely successful for the Wall Street firms. However, this is owing largely to marketing prowess that tug on investors’ emotions. Investors buy what Wall Street sells, not because it is true, but because they want it to be true.

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