The 7 Real Costs of Owning a Mutual Fund

By Scott Krase via

I see it every week, when I ask investors questions.  Whether in a meeting, video conference call or on the phone, I ask questions about their current investments.  I ask if the know the risk they truly hold and what do these investments cost them?  The answer is the same.  They don’t know.

Sure, some of them might give a general answer, but the fact of the matter is It’s Not Their Fault!  I ask if their current advisor has helped them understand the true costs of owning mutual funds and did they know they are overpaying and their performance can suffer because of it?  The answer is no.

The mission of this article is to simplify and educate investors about mutual fund expenses so they can discover the real costs with owning mutual funds.

By the way, if you knew about a different investment that could virtually do the same things as a mutual fund, was less expensive than mutual funds, more liquid, with the potential for better performance would you be interested to know about that?  Then stay tuned.

The 7 Real Costs of Owning a Mutual Fund are…

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