“The Strategy Shares Nasdaq 7HANDL™ Index ETF seeks to offer a steady 7% distribution, and is the first fund of its kind representing a new category of indexes,” he said. “HNDL is the only fund providing access to the Nasdaq 7HANDL™ Index, which is unique in its offering of a targeted steady distribution, diversified risk and liquidity.” Investors should not assume that the source of distribution from the Fund is net profit.

The Index’s goal is to represent a balanced portfolio of U.S. equities, bonds and alternatives, via investments in low-cost ETFs. These ETFs are split into two categories: a Core Portfolio and a Dorsey Wright Explore Portfolio. The Core Portfolio consists of a 70% allocation to U.S. aggregate fixed income ETFs and a 30% allocation to U.S. large cap equity ETFs. The Dorsey Wright Explore Portfolio consists of a tactical allocation to ETFs in various U.S. asset categories that have historically provided high levels of income, based on a proprietary methodology developed by Nasdaq Dorsey Wright Investment Research & Analysis that seeks to incorporate momentum, yield and risk.

HNDL has adopted a policy to pay monthly distributions on Fund shares at a target rate that represents an annualized payout of approximately 7.0% on the Fund’s per-share net asset value on the date of a distribution’s declaration. All or a portion of a distribution may consist of a return of capital.

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