Smooth Tomorrow's Market Volatility With a Smart Approach to Robotics & AI

By Chris Buck via

Every advisor knows that volatility can wreak havoc on your clients’ psyches, and managing this “risk” or “sleep factor” can be challenging.

These days, every friend, co-worker, and neighbor is more than happy to share a great investment success story. Everyone is thrilled to recount the details of a winning trade, but no one (and I mean no one) willingly brings up their latest loss—especially not over cocktails. That means that when the market shifts (and yes, it will shift), one of your biggest challenges will be managing your clients’ emotions.

One step you can take today to help smooth the ride for your clients while getting them excited about the future is to introduce a strategy that targets one of today’s fastest-growing sectors: robotics, automation and artificial intelligence, or RAAI (pronounced “ray”). Even better, the ROBO Global Robotics & Automation Index is specifically designed to deliver this growth with attractive risk-adjusted returns.

While RAAI is fascinating in general (who doesn’t get excited when talking about real-life robots?!), what’s exciting about RAAI from an investor’s perspective is that its applications are fundamental to the growth of nearly every industry.

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