Smart Beta ETFs: The "Dream Diet" for Your Portfolio

By Salvatore Bruno via

If you’ve ever gone on a weight-loss diet, you’re well acquainted with trying to balance the need for fewer calories with the desire for great taste. If your diet was (or is) a strict one, you probably found yourself dreaming about the day when, after reaching your goal, you could finally dig into a nice, juicy burger or that carton of Haagen Dazs once again—guilt free.

Unless you’re a big fan of kale salads (of which I am most certainly not!), the reality is that the satisfying taste that goes hand in hand with bad fats and unhealthy sugars is generally off limits for anyone hoping to trim their waistline. If only there was a dream diet that could do it all, delivering the right amount of calories each day to meet your goals, as well as great flavor to keep your taste buds happy too!

The good news is that, at least when it comes to your investment portfolio, that dream diet may be within reach with the help of Smart Beta ETFs.

Just as most diets include a variety of food groups, most portfolios include a variety of asset classes. But while the healthiest diets exclude most of those flavorful sugars and fats, Smart Beta solutions deliver the investors’ equivalent of a dream diet, including lower-calorie options that taste great too. How?

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