Quality-Focused ETF Sees Uptick in Inflows

Inflows for Quality-Focused ETF Sees Uptick 2

QUAL has been a steady performer, mimicking the movements of the S&P 500 when looking at the year-to-date chart. Overall, QUAL has delivered positive results for investors with a 9.29% gain YTD and a 21.11% return the past year.

Inflows for Quality-Focused ETF Sees Uptick 1While the Nasdaq and growth-related assets may just be experiencing corrective adjustments as a result of the gains in July or August, it’s not too early for investors to begin looking at other factor-based strategies as the current bull run heads deeper into the late market cycle. As investors begin to migrate from the growth-fueled strategies that have led them into this bull market, they can identify opportunities in quality-based ETFs like QUAL to lead them out of the bull market as a possible hedge against a major market correction.

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