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At the end of the second quarter, EFAS held 50 stocks with over 37% of the ETF’s combined geographic weight allocated to the U.K. and Australia. France, the Eurozone’s third-largest economy, and Sweden, the largest Nordic economy, combine for over 20% of the fund’s weight. Overall, EFAS features exposure to 16 countries.

At the end of the second quarter, financial services stocks commanded 34.6% of the EFAS roster whiel telecommunications and consumer discretionary names combined for 28.5%. Utilities and energy stocks combined for 22.5%. The average market value of the EFAS holdings is $34.2 billion, according to issuer data.

EFAS charges 0.55% per year, or $55 on a $10,000 investment. Like the other SuperDividend ETFs, EFAS pays a monthly dividend.

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