Global X Launches ETF to Access S&P 500 Dividend Payers

“The steady rise of interest rates has created a dilemma for income-seeking investors, as bond yields finally become more attractive, but may be coupled with a loss of principal as rates continue to rise,” Jay Jacobs, director of research at Global X, said ina note. “With QDIV, we are excited to offer a dividend strategy for investors that has the potential both provide quality income and appreciate in value in a strengthening economy.”

Current top holdings include CA Inc 1.5%, Campbell Soup 1.5%, Assurant 1.4%, Comcast 1.4% and Kraft Heinz 1.3%.

Sector weights include consumer discretionary 21.2%, consumer staples 14.2%, information technology 12.1%, financials 11.0%, industrials 10.8%, energy 9.6%, real estate 7.5%, health care 6.3%, materials 4.6% and telecom services 2.5%.

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