A Tech ETF That Stands Above the Rest

Due to its factor-based and equally weighted indexing methodology, FXL has a larger tilt toward mid-cap companies at 55.7% of the fund’s portfolio, along with 13.1% mega-caps, 29.1% large-caps and 2.2% small-caps.

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In contrast, the S&P 500 Information Technology Index, which follows a traditional market cap-weighting methodology, focuses on prominent names like Apple, Microsoft and Facebook, which make up about 15%, 11% and 7% of the overall weights. Furthermore, the index includes a hefty 71% tilt toward mega-cap companies and 22% to large-caps.

Large-cap tech companies have outperformed this year as investors focused on high-growth names, which should allowed the S&P Tech segment to outperform a fund with a greater focus on mid- and small-sized companies. However, FXL’s heavy tilt toward the outperforming semiconductors segment may have allowed the smart beta ETF to make up for its deficiencies.

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