3 Impact Investing, ESG & SRI Predictions for 2019

By Sonya Dreizler via Iris.xyz

Financial Planners Lead Adoption of Impact, SRI & ESG Strategies

As demand for impact investing increases, financial planning focused advisors are poised to make a smooth transition into the space. Some advisors shy away from having non-financial, values based conversations with clients, because they fear those conversations may be emotional and may not lead to a specific implementable output.

Financial planners however, are used to having personal conversations with clients. In-depth conversations around values and goals are integral to comprehensive financial planning, and those advisors already have in their skill-set the ability to have deep, meaningful, (sometimes emotional,) and personal conversations with clients. As most planners know, if you embrace, instead of fear emotional conversations, you’ll find your relationships with clients grow stronger and more trusting.

Of course, adding Impact, SRI, and ESG options to a practice requires learning about the investment options, and integrating the new offering into the practice, and forward thinking advisors are doing this now. Financial planner advisors will find themselves well positioned to meet the growing demand for impact investing.

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